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eviShine is one of the strongest Energy Management systems in Denmark

eviShine Energy Management System professionally and effortlessly visualizes a comprehensive overview of energy data. The system is developed by proficient Danish software developers, who, as the only ones in Denmark, offers a single system that collects all energy data across suppliers and energy forms.

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Real time data visualizes energy consumption

eviShine Energy Management System is a flexible and scalable system. Real-time data ensures that the user can follow the consumption of energy 24/7 and observe how the installations perform and what the financial consequences will be. It allows for ongoing optimizations and makes it possible for you to save a lot of money.

The customers are municipalities, regions, state agencies, housing associations, real estate companies, etc., who all want a comprehensive overview of energy consumption and production. Custom-designed and customer-specific dashboards and reports visualize the performance of the installations and give a unique overview for owners, finance departments, technicians, operators and energy consultants etc.

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Green accounts

eviShine offers data for green accounting and energy profiles. The visualizations can be used for educational purposes at schools, colleges, and institutions of higher education and can be tailored to children and young people of all ages, as well as professional users.

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A complete turnkey energy solution

Apart from the system itself, eviShine offers to manage the project from start to finish. We make the deals and handle the purchase of subcontracts, install gauges and converts, develop apps and computer platforms, and deliver a turnkey solution ready to be implemented. We have been working with industrial IT for almost 20 years, and are experts in managing energy registrations. eviShine Energy Management System is the only supplier independent system in Denmark. The customer owns his or her own data.

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Global representation and prominent customers

eviShine A/S has provided eviShine Energy Management System globally for a number of years. Among other places, the system is sold in Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Greenland and Tanzania. eviShine has been approved by Svenska kraftnät in Sweden to issue electricity certificates. In Denmark, we have prominent customers such as the Danish police, the Danish Defence, Danish Building Property agency and more than 40 municipalities.

eviShine makes customized solutions and visualizes data in the specific way that the customer wants and on the preferred platforms. Read more about our solutions