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We must sell the holes

Nobody buys a drilling machine, because they want the machine. The customer buy it, because they want the holes. Put in another way, customers want the value it creates.


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It doesn’t make any difference whether the company’s core product is a drilling machine or a more complex product, such as the eviShines Energy Management System, which handles energy- og consumption data. The complexity of the product is not important. The end user does not care how it works inside the engine as long as the product solves a given problem.

The holes of a drilling machine is a good example, because people are basically buying holes – not the machine. At eviShine we’re working to identify our holes. We do this, because our vision is to create value for our customers – just like the drilling machine creates value by drilling holes.

Energy Supply have written an article about how we’re working with value creation. Read the article (danish) here.


eviShine is participating in this year’s Next Step Challenge

How should companies manage and adapt to changes in the world and in their industry?


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In our digital world, things change faster than ever before. These changes increases the pressure on companies that have to be able to adapt.

Because of these changes, it might be profitable to stop and consider how transformations affect one’s core business and business area, as well as evaluating on customer needs. Not only here and now, but also a consideration of how tomorrow will look like.

At eviShine we are proud to be among the selected SMEs (small-medium sized enterprises) for this year’s Next Step Challenge in the category ‘Energy Efficient Technologies’. Here eviShine is going through a transformational process, where the focus is our ‘next step’ in terms of business development, value creation and future goals.

Our intention is to be an even better of ourselves by identifying where we create value and where we need to be even better. Our core business remains the same – just in a new and improved version.

We look forward to the journey and the development that lies ahead. Read more about the accelerator program here.


Betaversion of new eviShine

We are excited to show you a little sneak peak of the upcoming version of eviShine.

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If you want to see how it looks, please click on the beta-link in the top right corner on the standardpage. The new version will become permanent at October 1, 2018.


New design and the opportunity to benchmarke

The new release offers and updated and more user-friendly design, allowing you to easily benchmark between installations and locations. They can also be shown in graphical representations together and see, which ones perform the best, and you’ll be able to compare inverters relatively and find out where the fluctuations are.

If you need support, please contact us at: +45 70 22 47 11


eviShine launches ambitious growth plan and new strong owner and board of directors

eviShine has been on the market for over 8 years and supplies one of the strongest Energy Management System in the market. The company is now rebuilding with a new CEO/owner and a new professional board of directors. 

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eviShine is aiming high and have therefore decided to expand with a new owner and CEO together with a professional board of directors. The two owners and developers of the eviShine Energy Management System, Sten Nornes and Anders Rolann have been looking for an active investor in recent years, which they found May 1, 2018. Jan Kannegaard is now the co-owner and CEO of the company.

New CEO predicts growing need for energy optimization

Jan Kannegaard has among other things a past from the IT software industry – most recently as Business Manager at ABB A/S. Back in 2005, he established a partner company ProcessConnect A/S, which worked with IT solutions for technical monitoring, and acted in some of the same areas as eviShine A/S.

”We wish to spread the eviShine Management System in both Denmark and abroad. Our system is the only energy-management system that is supplier independent and which can collect data from all market inverter and meters and assemble it into one system. This means that our customers are able to get a comprehensive overview of their energy consumption regardless of whether the company’s departments are located in Denmark or abroad. I feel convinced that the need for management and optimization of energy consumption is increasing, and with our system, customers have the best prerequisites for managing it” says Jan Kannegaard, CEO, eviShine A/S


New heavy board of directors and advisory board 

eviShine A/S has per. 1st of April a new professional board of directors and established an advisory board. The chairman of the advisory board is Preben Mejer, who is known by many. Preben Mejer started in 1983 the first IBM dealer in Denmark, DanaData, which in 1994 was sold to TDC. In 2001 he founded Innovation Lab and in 2012 Radr, where he is CEO today. Preben Mejer shall assist the board in relation to product and technology strategies. Karl Kristian Bro, who is the owner and chairman of Olsen Wings A/S and former CEO of Rational Vinduer A/S and Hewlett Packard A/S, has served as Chairman of the board and Erik Bro, as an associate partner in CIGNO Mergers & Acquisitions and external lecturer at Aarhus University has been appointed as a board member together with the 3 owners.


Ambitious growth plan

The new expanded management and board have ambitious growth plan for eviShine. ”We will partially develop and refine the eviShine system, and then we will focus on the export markets. Through partnerships, we want to expand our market in Germany, Norway and the Benelux countries and target all the danish municipalities. As of now, we work with 43 municipalities.  They become our original customers due to our system for solar panels. With eviShine, we have a solution to all forms of energy and with the increasing need to optimize the energy consumption and monitor installations, it is obvious to connect it with the eviShine Energy Management system” says Jan Kannegaard.


About eviShine and evikali

eviShine A/S is forward-looking, going to be the main name whereas evikali will be the second name. evikali has been on the market for 18 years and is the company’s consultancy business. evikali solves IT development projects for larger Danish companies. eviShine has been on the market for 8 years and started as a system for monitoring solar panel systems and consumption of energy. The system are now able to monitor all forms of energy and provide a comprehensive overview of the energy consumption of the company or the municipality. eviShine has significant customers such as Bolig+, IKEA, 43 Danish municipalities and has system operating in Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Greenland, Tanzania and many others.

The founders of evikali and eviShine, Steen Nornes and Anders Rolann are still the developing forces in the company.


eviShine A/S new company name

eviShine has so far been a product name under evikali A/S. In connection with eviShine’s growth and new ownership structure, the company’s new name is per. May 1, 2018 has been changed to eviShine A/S. evikali is the second name.

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The eviShine product has been on the market for 8 years and started as a system for monitoring solar panel systems and consumption of electricity. The system can today monitor all types of energy consumption of the company or the municipality. evikali has been on the market for 18 years and is a consulting company that solves IT development projects for larger Danish companies.


eviShine launches a new strong website

eviShine delivers one the market’s strongest Energy Management Systems and is now launching a new website. The website is part of a brand new identity that is being rolled out.


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The logo has been updated and the website has been redesigned with focus on user-friendliness, professionalism and visualization of what eviShine can do for the customers with the eviShine Energy Management System. The page was launched on April 12, 2018

eviShine and evikali

eviShine A/S og evikali A/S are the same company. eviShine was launched 8 years ago as a system for monitoring solar panel systems and the production/consumption of power. The system can today monitor all types of energy and provide a comprehensive overview of the energy consumption of the company or the municipality. evikali solves IT development projects for larger Danish companies and has been on the market for 18 years.


eviShine saves the municipalities money

eviShine Energy Management System is installed in 40 municipalities in Denmark and saves them a great amount of money. The system visualizes the energy consumption of the municipality, thus providing the opportunity to optimize the energy consumption and to catch and stop possible overconsumption at an institution, schools, etc. before it gets too expensive.

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The system shows whether all meters and inverters produce as they should, and alarms can be set up to immediately let you know if there is overconsumption, lack of production, etc. You also save the time spent on reading the different units around the municipality. All data is extracted from the system and used for budgeting, reporting to the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA) green accounts, etc. Read more about the benefits that the municipality of Assens has experienced with the eviShine Energy System here.

Assens Kommunes eviShine-system vist på laptop

eviShine visualizes green energy and CO2 reduction in the municipality of Assens

The municipality of Assens is far ahead when it comes to green energy. With 33 solar panels, which is equivalent to one and a half football field, the municipality itself produces 15% of the annual consumption of electricity used in their own buildings. eviShine visualizes CO2 reductions, green energy and consumption of heat and water.

The eviShine system gives an overview

The municipality of Assens keeps an eye on the energy consumption through the eviShine system. With real-time data, the city can follow the electricity process by its 33 solar panels and the consumption of electricity, water and heat, 24/7.

Torben With Lohmann, energy consultant at Assens municipality states: ”The eviShine system gives a good overview and is simple and easy to handle. We primarily use it to see whether the solar panels and heat pumps work and if there is overconsumption of energy on one of the building. In the long term, we plan to benchmark between the schools and the institutions.”

Assens Rådhus

Easy reporting to the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA)

Torben With Lohmann continues: ”With eviShine, we save a lot of time on our annual reporting to the DERA. In the past, we had to check each inverter at their physical location but new; we can collect all the data from the system. Our green accounts have also become easier to make after being able to collect the data from the system.”

Consumption is visualized for citizens, students, and employees

The fact that the municipality of Assens has gotten all the solar panels connected to the eviShine system is new; however, some of the schools within the municipality already use the system in class, where the visualization of consumption hangs on big screens on a number of the schools. The Citizens’ Services are also supposed to have the eviShine system so that people within the municipality may follow the consumption and production of green energy.

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