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Project Management

In connection with the installation of eviShine Energy Management System, we offer to lead the project from A to Z. We have more than 10 years of experience with setting up measuring equipment for displaying the desired production and consumption data. We handle the delivery/subcontractors and advise the customer about the many possibilities that this system offers. eviShine is more than willing to cooperate with the customer’s electrician, but also offers to deliver the electrician.

Computer med energidata statistik fra eviShine

Energy registration

eviShine Energy Management System is a standard system,  tailored to the needs of the customer. The system detects in real-time 24/7, the consumption of electricity, water and heat via meters and inverters, and visualizes data on the computer, on our app and on the number of screens and media desired. The data is visualized in the exact way that the customer wants, e.g., CO2 savings, consumption of kW, etc. The system is supplier independent and can read data from all measuring instruments and converters on the market. The system can also show data from solar panels and collect it in one system – see Solar cell registration .

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Solar cell registration

Over the last 10 years, eviShine has been one of the leading suppliers of a system that visualizes the solar panel production. The system makes it easy to read data 24/7, and the data is visualized as the customers want, e.g., CO2 savings, kWh, etc. The system is supplier independent and can read data from all converters on the market and collect it in an Energy Management System.

By visualizing, both production and consumption, the customers have the opportunity to optimize power consumption and use the power when it is cheap. The customers can check whether the solar panels work properly without having physical control over the inverter(s). It gives a better economy and maximum utilization of the investment.

eviShine Energy Management System can also read data from the meters and converters for the purchase of electricity, water and heat, and collect it in one system. See Energy registration.

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Monitoring agreement

With a monitoring agreement, eviShine offers to monitor the customer’s solar panel system. We make sure that all the inverters work as they should, that there are no system errors and that the connection between the individual solar panels is intact. We have many years of experience and are therefore able to diagnose possible problems and take action quickly. This means high uptime and a better economy.

In case of failure on the installations, the collaborator used by the customer will be contacted by eviShine, and we will solve the problem together. eviShine monitoring agreement provides the customer security for maximum yield, full control over the installation and quick action-taken when errors occur.

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eviShine are able to handle everything from the installation from the planning and purchasing (third party components), to execution and commissioning (see also Project Management). This happens with eviShine’s own electricians, eviShine partners or by using the customer’s own electrician.

We ensure, through technical project clarification and description, agreement of the expectations and frequent dialogue that everything is done as agreed, and to the agreed upon time.

With eviShine as installation partner, all installations, integration, and test of the system are ensured when the installation is completed.

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Data Collection

eviShine Energy Management System collects data every 5 seconds regardless of whether the meters/inverters are placed in Denmark or elsewhere in the world. Data is shown from every single unit, and a complete overview of the installation is also available. eviShine Energy Management System is supplier and device independent. The data can be exported to other systems, like green accounting for example.

Computer på kontor med eviShine-brugerflade

Service and Support

Technical support

eviShine offers technical support during the installation and when the system is operating. Whatever the problem is, we are ready to help.


  • Meter replacement: Meters and inverters can become inactive or break down. Therefore, it is important to monitor the system so that the production/consumption pattern is followed. By replacing defect meters and inverters, eviShine removes the units from the system and creates the new ones. In this way, the customer has a complete overview and retains the history.
  • Help with error finding: eviShine offers help for finding possible errors. It is sometimes difficult for the customers/electrician to find the error. eviShine, who has more than 10 years of experience, therefor offers to help find the error and to check the installation after it has been repaired.
  • Import of historical data:  eviShine Energy Management System lets you enter historical data for consumption/production comparison. It can also be used for input or performance requirements for production so that the actual output can be compared to the expected.
  • Integration Service: eviShine Energy Management System lets you export and import data from other system. eviShine helps in this process.

Read more about our exciting cases, which describes the many possibilities eviShine Energy Management System gives. eviShine also works with international customers, who have departments around the world and therefore have a need for a system that is able to give a comprehensive overview of energy data