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What comes with the eviShine Energy Management System?

  • Your own website (the address is provided together with eviShine)
  • eviShine App for iPhone or Android, download for free from App Store or Google Play

The following inverters are supported by eviShine

  • ABB inverter
  • AROS inverter
  • Danfoss inverter
  • Delta inverter
  • Diehl inverter
  • Fronius inverter
  • Gavazzi inverter
  • Ginlong inverter
  • Goodwe inverter
  • Growatt inverter
  • Huawei inverter
  • HybridPower inverter
  • JFY inverter
  • JSI inverter
  • Kaco inverter
  • Kostal inverter
  • MasterVolt inverter
  • Omniksol inverter
  • Omron inverter
  • REFUsol inverter
  • Saj inverter
  • Samil inverter
  • Schneider Xantrex inverter
  • Schüco inverter
  • SMA inverter
  • SolarEdge inverter
  • SoluTronic inverter
  • Steca inverter
  • Sungrow inverter
  • Trannergy inverter
  • Zeversolar inverter
  • SolaX

(The communication can both be Modbus and M-Bus)

Our list of supported inverters will be updated frequently.
Should you have an inverter that is not on the list, please contact us.

The following energy meters are supported by eviShine

Electricity meters:

  • ABB electricity meter
  • Acuvim electricity meter
  • Carlo Gavazzi electricity meter
  • Kamstrup electricity meter
  • ND electricity meter

Weather station:

  • ABB Weather station
  • Ingenieurburo solar irradiation meters


  • Danfoss ECL
  • Edam signal module
  • Kamstrup heatmeter
  • Kamstrup water meter
  • Novus signal module

Our list of supported energy meters will be updated frequently.
Should you have an energy meter that is not on the list, please contact us.

Should you have any further questions considering the eviShine system, please do not hesitate to contact eviShine Support on
+45 70 22 47 11

Files for download


Assembly instructions:

Download apps

In connection with the installation of eviShine Energy Management System, we offer to manage the project from A to Z. We have more than 10 years of experience with setting up measuring equipment to show the desired production/consumption data.

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